Contribute to society and the environment, and contribute to the protection of legitimate objectives through the management of applied research projects, the development of technological processes or products, own or acquired by technology transfer, that respond to the needs and / or social and economic development opportunities of the country, its regions and / or cities.

About Our Corporation

Corporate view

Provide innovative solutions and products to transform people and organizations, through the joint effort of wills, capabilities and skills.

Declaration of work Principles

Innovation. - The CIDTEI Corporation remains in permanent transformation, adaptation, change and innovation from the analysis and investigation of changes in the environment and the appropriation of technology based on the accumulated knowledge to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in its work, and provide solutions that add value to society.


Autonomy. - As an essential condition for decision-making, depending on our interests and in defense of the identity of the organization, we will stay out of any individual, society or union that may jeopardize the impartiality of society.


Democracy. - As a style and practice of government, depending on the defense of their rights, benefits and interests and satisfaction of the needs of the associates, the reasoned agreement and consensus will always be sought, through debate and confrontation of ideas and proposals, to Rescue the best of each. Our daily practice will respect the differences.


Plurality. - Promote diversity of opinions, recognizing different points of view and valuing differences to enrich vision and decision making; therefore, its existence and organized and respectful participation will be encouraged without undermining the unity of our organization. Peaceful coexistence in differences will be encouraged, while maintaining tolerance towards diversity.


Teamwork. - Promotes the construction of collective leaderships that allow a synergistic work of different profiles and roles.


Unity. - The achievement and fulfillment of the objectives and goals, tends for the unity of its partners maintaining the principles derived from democratic agreements and practices.


Honesty. - The observance of the statutory rules, respect for rights and obligations will enable honest practices both in the behavior of each of the members of the organization.


Equity. - The participation of all members of the organization will guarantee equal opportunities and circumstances; based on the observance and full and unrestricted validity of the rights and obligations of each of the affiliates and non-affiliates.


Accountability. - To provide transparent, consistent and accountability exercises inside and outside the corporation, for any assignment, commission, mandate or responsibility assumed by any associate. Who will be subject to the obligation to render accounts of their compliance to the corresponding governing bodies.


Transparency. - Good governance practices, as well as external conduct to it and the performance of any responsibility must be transparent, verifiable and verifiable.


Revocability of the Mandate. - Any assignment, mandate, responsibility or commission granted to any member of the organization will be subject to this principle, by term of the same, for breach or for abuse in compliance using the mechanisms and procedures that are approved and are in force.

social object

Contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and productivity at the local, regional or national level, through the development of projects, innovation and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge.
Be from the state, society and national or international entities that require it, a consultative organism, manager, administrator, seller, consultant, or innovation, research, normativity and technical regulation procedure that permits the personal development .
According to what is described in law 850, manage, create, develop, support and / or strengthen events and interventories in the public, private or mixed entities. participate and safety for the development of good practices for the compliance and improvement of regulations, technical regulations, laws, decrees and existing or future resolutions, so that obstacles or barrieres are not improved through the external or international barrels, innovation and competitiveness of the national industry and other practices that may generate unfair competitions or restrictive commercial practices.